Francis Bourgeois takes on The Most Impossible Train Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

9 December 2022, 15:09

Francis Bourgeois vs. 'The Most Impossible Train Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Francis Bourgeois knows trains but how well does he know trains in pop culture?

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Francis Bourgeois has officially put his pop culture knowledge to the test in 'The Most Impossible Trains in Pop Culture' Quiz. Catchy title, huh?

There's no denying that Francis Bourgeois is an expert when it comes to trains. Over the course of the last few years, the beloved 22-year-old has built a loyal following thanks to his wholesome and educational trainspotting TikTok videos. Not only that but he's also worked with the likes of Rosalía and Joe Jonas and launched his very own Channel 4 show.

To celebrate the release of his brand new book, The Trainspotter's Notebook, Francis dropped by PopBuzz HQ and we challenged him to The Most Impossible Trains in Pop Culture Quiz. The results were as hilarious as you would expect.

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Francis Bourgeois plays The Most Impossible Trains in Pop Culture Quiz | PopBuzz Meets
Francis Bourgeois plays The Most Impossible Trains in Pop Culture Quiz | PopBuzz Meets. Picture: PopBuzz

The quiz has four unique rounds. First, there's the Music Round and it includes expert questions like 'Which singer travelled to their London show via the tube in 2011?' and 'Who is the lead singer of Train?' Then there's the Film and TV Round, in which we quiz Francis on train-related moments from iconic TV shows like The Simpsons and Gossip Girl.

Things get a little more difficult in the Picture Round. Francis has to name three Thomas the Tank Engine characters based on screenshots from the show. Last but not least, there's the Impossible Round in which we ask Francis how many times Kylie Minogue sings the word 'Loco-motion' in 'Loco-motion'. Yes, we went there.

Think you can beat Francis? Watch the video above and play along with him.