The four generations meme is the purest thing on the internet right now

7 January 2019, 15:01

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The four generations meme is taking over Chinese social media and people all over the world are replicating and loving the social media trend.

Wholesome memes are the best memes and, thankfully, the internet is already delivering on that front in 2019. People are loving a new meme that involves family members highlighting their close bonds over multiple generations.

The four generations meme has people on Chinese social media and beyond sharing videos of grandparents and great grandparents standing alongside their younger offspring and celebrating four generations under one roof.

Buzzfeed Journalist Kassy Cho noted the wholesomeness of the four generations meme and people are loving how precious the families are.

In the videos, the family members call out "mama" in ascending order until the matriarch of the clan emerges.

People have been recreating the meme with their family members around the world.

And folks are even getting emotional over how pure the whole thing is.

In conclusion, parents and grandparents are a blessing and we need to let them flex their cuteness way more often.