Finn Wolfhard flipping the middle finger is now a meme and it's hilarious

31 July 2019, 16:07

People are captioning the photo with Stranger Things inspired rap lyrics.

When Stranger Things 3 dropped at the start of July, it spawned a ton of hilarious memes including several new Finn Wolfhard reaction pictures to add to our already over-flowing collections. On top of that, a completely unrelated image of Finn flipping his middle finger up at the camera has gone viral, with people turning it into a meme caption contest using Stranger Things themed rap lyrics.

Know Your Meme has traced the picture back to a We Heart It user who posted the pic in August 2018 but the image doesn't appear to be on any of Finn's social accounts and we're not even sure if it's real. (Is it photoshopped? Is that actually Finn's arm? @ us if you know the source!)

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But anyway, none of that is about to stop the internet from making the picture go viral. The pic of Finn has now been retweeted hundreds of thousands of times, featuring some of the slickest rap lyrics in the game. Drake is shaking. Honestly. Here are the best ones...

The Finn Wolfhard middle finger meme is going viral
The Finn Wolfhard middle finger meme is going viral. Picture: Frazer Harrison/VMN19/Getty Images for MTV, @bigfatsac via Twitter

Matilda ain't want no SMOKE.

Stranger Things 4 will focus on Mike's long distance relationship with his stranger ting, El.

That season 1 finale really did a number on Yung Wheeler, huh?

This is a flow that Drake could only DREAM of.

Word in the writers room is that Mike takes up Slam Poetry next season.

Used to roll with El, she kept the squad outta danger...

This is cover of Mike's mixtape.

Trust no one, fam. Trust no one.