All the best memes and moments from the 2020 Emmys

21 September 2020, 13:05

Zendaya makes history with Emmy win

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Jennifer Aniston having to put out a trash can fire that won't die down live on TV? Chaos.

What's Moira Rose's favourite season? Awards, obviously. Despite absolutely everything, the Emmys went ahead last night (Sept 20) and it was like a really weird episode of Black Mirror.

As Jimmy Kimmel presented the show from the stage at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, all the nominees beamed in via Zoom and were shown on a huge screen behind him throughout the night. Some guests appeared in person to present awards, like Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya and Jason Bateman.

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But even though there was no ceremony, the chaotic vibes of the night were still there – and so were the memes.

Here are all the best moments, and memes from the 2020 Emmy Awards...

Emmys 2020: Best memes, moments and reactions
Emmys 2020: Best memes, moments and reactions. Picture: ABC via Getty Images, ABC/Image Group LA

The Emmy delivery people who wore Hazmat suits.

How do you present a winning nominee with an Emmy if they're not at the actual ceremony? You send the Emmy to their house (just in case) with someone dressed in a Hazmat suit, obviously.

But what happens when you've turned up at the nominee's house with the Emmy and they do not win? Well, they literally have to watch the man in the Hazmat suit wave goodbye and walk away with the trophy.

Ramy Youssef and the cast of Insecure showed us what it was really like to lose an Emmy in 2020. Brutal.

Zendaya's reaction after winning.

She did it! Zendaya made history with her Emmy win, becoming the youngest actress to bag the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama prize, and the second Black woman to win in the category. (Viola Davis was the first in 2015).

Zendaya accepted the award live on Zoom, surrounded by her family and friends, delivering the BEST reaction of the night.

Helena Bonham Carter's dog.

She may not have won for her portrayal of Princess Margaret in The Crown but HBC delivered in the Best Pets on Zoom category. Honestly, the vibes of it all. Iconic.

Jennifer Aniston putting out an actual fire.

Jennifer Aniston was one of the few guests who joined Jimmy Kimmel on the stage to take part in a bit that saw Kimmel spray an envelope with sanitiser and then set it on fire to remove the bacteria. Ha ha ha, pandemic jokes. Luv them x

However, after 3 failed attempts at putting it out with an extinguisher, Jen had to move fast and extinguish it again after it flared up without either of them noticing.

A 2020 metaphor? Or the spirit of Reese Witherspoon haunting the Television Academy after they snubbed her in 3 different shows?

Another Friends reunion.

Instead of the "un-scripted" reunion special on HBO Max, how about we just turn it into a mini-series involving Rachel, Monica and Phoebe in quarantine together?

Paul Mescal and his plant.

And the Emmy for Best Set Decoration goes to...

Dan Levy's reaction to Annie Murphy winning an Emmy.

Dan Levy screaming "YES!" and pointing at Annie Murphy has to be in the Top 5 Emmy win reactions of all time. In fact, Dan Levy watching his own dad and Schitt's Creek cast mates sweep the show was just an all round perfect moment.

Alex Borstein's reaction to losing an Emmy.

Upping the stakes in the most glamorous Zoom set up, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel star gave us everything with her reaction to Annie Murphy's win (and her subsequent loss).

On that note, it been decided. Alex Borstein, Helena Bonham Carter and Paul Mescal have set the precedent for the 2021 Emmys.

Don't bother showing up if you aren't going to bring your dog, or your house plant. Thanks.