"Egg is bigger than before" memes have turned a bizarre viral video into comedy gold

29 July 2019, 17:29

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

A bizarre video showing an egg getting bigger and bigger after being soaked in vinegar and maple syrup has gone viral and now it's a meme.

Take it from us, the internet loves eggs. The internet rejoiced when a stock image of an egg beat Kylie Jenner for most-liked picture on Instagram. The world record egg, as it was named, then went on to become a Fashion Nova model. Yep, seriously. Now eggs are all over the web again thanks to the "bigger than before" meme.

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It all started with a bizarre video from the 5-Minute Crafts Facebook page, which was shared on Twitter. In the video, a regular egg is left in vinegar for one day and when it's taken out it's yellow, the texture has completely changed and it's remarkably "bigger than before".

The vinegar egg is then left in maple syrup for another day, before being left in blue dye. When it emerges, the egg is now bouncy and blue, and even "bigger than before".

Egg is bigger than before video, Kendall Jenner laughing.
Egg is bigger than before video, Kendall Jenner laughing. Picture: Facebook via 5-Minute Crafts, E!

This isn't exactly something new and magical, it's actually a popular experiment in science class. Basically, soaking a raw egg in vinegar starts a chemical reaction. When the acetic acid in the vinegar meets the calcium carbonate in the shell of the egg, carbon dioxide is released, Imagination Station reports.

A similar reaction occurs with the maple syrup, however, it's the sugar and water causing a reaction that draws water into the egg making it swell and appear larger.

Now the internet has gone into a complete egg spiral and the phrase "bigger than before" has become a meme.

Describing your egg is always a crowd-pleasing moment.

Sometimes, you just have to make your egg bigger than before. Sorry about it.



Sacrifices have to be made for bigger eggs, Mum.

Look, someone gets it.

No better feeling.

Everything is right in the world.

The egg has travelled to Hollywood.

Just as God intended.

We need to lay down.