Some People Are Unfollowing Dylan Sprouse Over His Unpopular Marvel Opinion

30 May 2018, 14:34

Dylan Sprouse marvel meme
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Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"No Marvel meme hating in my lobby."

There are some controversial topics that always seem to divide people. The great debate of May 2018, Laurel v Yanny, springs to mind.

One thing that isn't controversial, however, is the internet's love of all things Marvel. The internet and Marvel have been in a whirlwind love affair that has produced MANY a meme. From The Avengers and Captain America to Spider-Man and Black Panther, the meme possibilities are truly endless.

The general consensus is that Marvel memes are great, so Dylan Sprouse's latest spicy take isn't exactly sitting well with the masses.

It all started when the former Suite Life star tweeted this.

Dylan Sprouse Marvel tweet
Picture: Twitter/Dylan Sprouse


Humour is subjective, so we'll let him have that. The internet, however, did not afford him the same courtesy.

Dylan's mentions soon filled up with people clapping back at his opinion using Marvel memes.

Captain America meme
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Dylan Sprouse tweet
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Dylan Sprouse tweet
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Dylan Sprouse reaction
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Even he has to admit these are pretty funny.

And, of course, Suite Life was brought up.

Mr Moseby
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Suite Life Marvel meme
Picture: Twitter/buckyscapsicle

Everyone knows that Zack was the wild one so I don't know why we're surprised.

Some people straight up unfollowed Dylan.

Dylan Sprouse tweet unfollow
Picture: Twitter/mantisquirk

Dylan's initial tweet wasn't that bad in the grand scheme of things but let that be a lesson, guys. A well executed Marvel meme is beyond reproach.