25 hilarious Dune memes that are just as spicy as the movie

26 October 2021, 14:37

Watch the gripping second trailer for Dune starring Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Yeah I like Dune. Dune your mom lol"

After several delays, Dune is finally here – and so are the glorious memes.

Denis Villeneuve's 2021 remake of the iconic 1965 Frank Herbert novel dropped in cinemas and on HBO Max simultaneously last week (Oct 21), allowing us all to enjoy Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya's spicy space escapades both on the big screen and in the comfort of our own homes.

From the plot to the ridiculously talented (and ridiculously good looking!) cast and everything else in between, here are all the funniest memes about Dune so far...

Dune memes are taking over the internet
Dune memes are taking over the internet. Picture: Warner Bros./Everett Collection

When they finally let the Sandworms speak in Dune Part 2...

Paul when he meets Chani on Arrakis and shoots his shot:

Let Wendy Williams voice the Sandworms!

Watching Dune the way Denis Villeneuve intended x

Dune is thee hottest space movie ever made. Discuss.

Oscar Isaac has done it again. And by 'it', I mean causing everyone to be horny on main.

Give us the Duke Leto Atreides and Poe Dameron crossover!

Duncan Idaho, I don't know a better person.

Paul, where the hell have you been loca?


Hans Zimmer really did the damn thing when he composed the Dune soundtrack, huh?

Understanding the plot of Dune? What, like it's hard?

Loved this scene.

My favourite part of Dune is when Liza Minnelli does a performance of 'Single Ladies'.

Dune spoilers, no context.

The Rodent Cinematic Universe has expanded. The Endgame Rat and The Departed Rat welcome the Dune mouse into the fold.


In conclusion...

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