Dream face reveal memes go viral after YouTuber reveal his identity

3 October 2022, 11:45

Dream shows his face to Addison Rae & Bella Poarch for the first time

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

From comparisons to Shane Dawson, Edward Cullen, Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad and characters from Shrek, here's some of the biggest reactions to Dream's face reveal.

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Ok, for those of you who have logged onto the internet today and found your entire timeline covered in tweets about some guy called 'Dream', you're probably wondering: 'Who is the hell is Dream? And why is everyone losing their minds about him revealing his face?'

Dream is a popular YouTuber who is known for his gaming channels, and has a huge following when it comes to his Minecraft videos, challenges and servers. Dream began gaining popularity around 2019, and even if you've never watched one of his Minecraft videos, you may have seen his iconic smiley face profile picture at least once on YouTube before.

But despite Dream's overwhelming popularity online, he has never actually revealed his face. Any time Dream has appeared in photos, he's posed with a smiley face mask over his actual face.

In October 2022, however, Dream finally revealed his actual face in a YouTube video. Now everyone is absolutely losing it and the memes are out of control.

Dream face reveal memes go viral after YouTuber shows his face
Dream face reveal memes go viral after YouTuber shows his face. Picture: @dreamwastaken via Instagram, Dream via YouTube

In a 5-minute video titled, 'hi, I'm Dream.', Dream (real name Clay) gave fans the very first glimpse at this face online and the reaction from the community has been wild. Almost 15 million people have watched Dream's face reveal (at time of writing, it's been 9 hours since he uploaded the video). At one point, over 1.5 million people were watching live.

In the comments, people were shook. Friend and fellow YouTuber GeorgeNotFound called the reveal "YouTube history," while others called it "the end of an era".

Another added: "The fact that Dream’s face matches his voice PERFECTLY astounds me. This is such a big step!! So proud of Dream for making this step."

And of course, when the news spread over to Twitter, the memes began. From comparisons to Shane Dawson, Edward Cullen, Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad and everyone else in between, here's some of the biggest reactions.

People are also comparing Dream's face reveal to Corpse Husband, too. Corpse Husband is another popular YouTuber who has never revealed his real face, instead using an illustration as his profile picture across social media.

Now that Dream has revealed his identity, fans of Corpse are calling for him to reveal his face too. However, due to some of the negative comments that Dream has received, others are advising Corpse not to show his face at all.

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