An Old Drake Tweet Just Inspired The New "What Am I Gonna Do" Meme

26 July 2018, 17:15

What am I gonna so say no drake meme
Picture: Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for TNT/Above Average
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

What are you gonna do? Say no to another Drake meme?

Pensive and emotional Drake is a version of Drake that fans know well. From the lyrics that have us wanting to link up with our exes to the cryptic, yet somehow ubiquitous, tweets from 2012 that have us saying "I felt that". What are we gonna do? Say no to a solid Drake meme?

The "what am I gonna do. Say no?" meme started 6 years ago when Aubrey tweeted this:

"What am I gonna do? Say no?" is the rallying cry of anyone who has ever found themselves feeling mysteriously compelled to say "yes" to things that may not necessarily be in their best interest.

Going out with an empty bank account? Staying out when you have a paper due the next day? Having an ice cream cone for dinner? What am I gonna do? Say no?

People have been sharing their own versions of things they can't say no to and quote tweeting Drake's 6 year old tweet.

*Immediately scrolls to the bottom of the page* "Yes, I have read the terms and conditions"

Ayyyyeee 🙏


Ahh, yes. My ability to refuse any invitation. We meet again.

Wait no. Don't do this one

Say no to food? That's not how I was raised.

This tweet just called me out.