39 wild Don't Worry Darling memes that are even more chaotic than the alleged drama

6 September 2022, 13:03

Florence Pugh attends Venice International Film Festival

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Did Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine? Did Florence Pugh avoid looking at Olivia Wilde? Did Chris Pine astral project during the press conference?

If you haven't been following the all the drama and rumours surrounding the cast of Don't Worry Darling, then the last 24 hours on social media would have been an absolutely wild ride for you.

Yesterday (Sept 5), Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan and the rest of the cast premiered the highly anticipated movie at Venice Film Festival – and it was even more chaotic than anyone could have predicted.

The Don't Worry Darling premiere had EVERYTHING: Florence Pugh skipping the press conference and arriving late, with her nan and an Aperol Spritz in hand. Chris Pine and Gemma Chan separating Florence, Harry and Olivia in every single seating and standing arrangement. Harry Styles having the time of his life. Harry kissing Nick Kroll. Harry saying his "favourite thing about the movie is, like, it feels like a movie". A conspiracy theory about Harry Styles spitting (!?) on Chris Pine... (Yes, really.)

It was mayhem from start to finish in the best kind of way, and Twitter hasn't been able to stop talking about it.

Here's all the funniest memes and reactions to the Don't Worry Darling premiere...

Don't Worry Darling premiere memes have gone viral
Don't Worry Darling premiere memes have gone viral. Picture: @florencepugh via Instagram, Daniele Venturelli/WireImage

Florence Pugh arriving in Venice during the press conference with an Aperol Spritz in hand.

Prior to the festival, it was confirmed that Miss Flo Florence would be arriving in Venice later than the rest of the cast and would not be taking part in the press conference. Many fans assumed it was due to the on-going rumours that there was huge amounts of tension between her and director Olivia Wilde.

So when Florence was pictured arriving at the festival while the press conference was going on, later popping up on social media, unbothered, drink in hand, people were gagged.

Chris Pine and Gemma Chan standing between Florence, Harry and Olivia at every opportunity.

And the Academy Award for Best Supporting Buffers at an international film festival premiere featuring a cast who apparently does not want to be pictured standing next to each other goes to: Chris Pine and Gemma Chan!

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Chris Pine's reactions during the press conference have become a meme themselves.

Chris Pine, officially the Best Chris, has just supplied the internet with enough reaction pics to last a lifetime.

In fact, Chris Pine in general was probably the MVP of this premiere, if we're being honest.

Harry Styles having the time of his life.

From trying to figure out how to work the microphone at the press conference and giggling his way through certain questions from journalists, to jokingly kissing co-star Nick Kroll square on the mouth during the standing ovation, Harry looked like he was loving every minute tbh.

Harry Styles saying his favourite thing about Don't Worry Darling is that it's a movie that "feels like a movie."

If I was AMC Theatres spokesperson Nicole Kidman, I would sue for copyright infringement immediately!

The premiere has even spawned an entire conspiracy theory that Harry Styles spat on Chris Pine as he sat in his seat.

It's very obvious that Harry did not spit on Chris Pine, but people cannot stop watching that video. Why did Chris pause? Why did he look down? Why did he laugh? Why did he shake his head? What is going ON? This is a case for the FBI!

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It was truly top tier Hollywood chaos from start to finish.

I don't know about you but I've literally never been more hyped to see a movie in my entire life.

See you lot on opening day x

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