The "could do couldn't do" meme is going viral thanks to a sexist Kirsten Dunst tweet

6 September 2019, 15:39

The "could do couldn&squot;t do" meme is going viral on Twitter
The "could do couldn't do" meme is going viral on Twitter. Picture: Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Amy Adams could do The Godfather but Al Pacino couldn’t do Enchanted"

It's an age old question that we ask ourselves every day: Does she have the range? Judging by the "could do but couldn't do" meme, the answer to that question for almost every actress in Hollywood is: YES.

Last week, Reuters tweeted a video of Kirsten Dunst receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The caption said that she was "best known for her role as Spider Man's girlfriend," as opposed to the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated leading actress that she is.

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What does 'sksksk and I oop' mean?

Kirsten's career spans over 25 years and, yeah, while Mary Jane Watson was a pivotal role for her, people found the tweet incredibly offensive. The tweet was later deleted but the internet still made sure to call out the sexist caption in the best way they knew how – by turning the whole thing into a meme to make a damn point.

The "could do but couldn't do" meme soon emerged following writer Meg Zukin's tweet highlighting Kirsten's range.

The tweet was then quickly turned into a meme template to point out the incredibly versatile performances that various female actors could pull off, while also saying actually, no offence, but maybe some male actors simply lack ~the range~.

The meme has now descended into absolute chaos. People are pitting actors against other actors, musicians against other musicians, musicians against actors, screenwriters against famous playrights, Daniel Day Lewis against Peppa Pig apparently...

The hot takes are hot and you know what... maybe they are ALL correct.

Daniel Day Lewis isn't tall enough to play Peppa Pig. He lacks the range and the height. SAD!