Social distancing memes are getting us through the coronavirus pandemic

16 March 2020, 17:27

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

All the memes to help you through a period of self-isolation.

As the realities of the coronavirus pandemic continue (there's been 175,000 confirmed cases and, sadly, over 6,500 deaths so far), people are turning to the internet for some comic relief. Between images of empty shelves at supermarkets, news of cancelled holidays and videos of people actually fighting over toilet roll, anxious people are desperately in need of a distraction. And the solution? Memes, duh.

Whilst this in no way negates the severity of the situation, you can't ignore that the internet is churning out the coronavirus memes during this frightening time. Right now, the word on everyone's lips is self-isolating and social distancing.

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According to current UK government advice, we should all be prepared to self-isolate if we display any symptoms. That means staying inside for 14 days, keeping at two metres away from other people and avoiding physical contact with the outside world to stop the virus from spreading. Even if we don't display symptoms, we should be social distancing, which means temporarily reducing socialising in public places and using public transport.

For the hermits among us, that sounds like bliss.

14 days? No contact with the outside world? Sign me up…

Self-isolation is actually a movement.

Online classes and working from home isn't so bad.

The realities of quarantine are only making us more *creative.


It's important noting that while self-isolating and social distancing may help the spread of COVID-19, 14 days is a long time, and it's vital to look after your mental health during this period. That may include sticking to a schedule, FaceTiming with friends, exercising indoors and throwing yourself into creative pursuits.

We've got this.