Coronavirus challenge goes viral after TikTok star shares video licking a public toilet seat

16 March 2020, 12:43

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Ava Louise faced backlash after posting a Coronavirus challenge video on TikTok in which she licks an aeroplane toilet seat.

TikTok star Ava Louise is coming under fire after starting her own Coronavirus challenge in which you lick a public toilet seat.

Over the weekend (Mar 14), Ava Louise posted a video on TikTok with the caption "Coronavirus challenge". In the video, Ava licks a toilet seat on an aeroplane as the viral TikTok song 'It's Corona Time' plays in the background. Ava then reposted the video on her Twitter page and tweeted: "Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane".

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Since posting the video online, it has been viewed over 7.7 million times and Ava has received huge backlash for it.

Coronavirus challenge goes viral after TikTok star Ava Louise shares video licking a toilet seat
Coronavirus challenge goes viral after TikTok star Ava Louise shares video licking a toilet seat. Picture: @avalouiise via TikTok, Channel 9 Australia

After sharing the video on her TikTok page, people began criticising Ava for, not only being extremely unhygienic, but also for encouraging others to copy her and for dismissing how serious Coronavirus is by making fun of it. One person tweeted: "we're going extinct for sure." Another added: "This is not funny. This is not cool. The things people will do for!"

In response to the negative comments that Ava has received since posting the video, she's defended herself. In a statement about the viral clip, she said: "I need to give people a reason to laugh during these hard times. I’d rather people laugh than be crying in this intense climate. We need to up the morale."

Ava has since deleted the video from her TikTok page but it remains live on her Twitter account.

What do you think of Ava's video and statement?