Co-Star astrology memes will read your horoscope in the most savage way

22 March 2019, 17:21

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Co-Star is a popular astrology app that's inspired a hilarious new meme...

Co-Star astrology memes are breaking the internet and they're hilarious.

It's no secret that everyone loves a good horoscope reading. It doesn't matter if you live your life by all things astrological, or if you're highkey skeptical, few of us can resist the urge to find out what the stars have to say about our lives. Earlier this month, the internet went into meltdown over a new zodiac challenge and now everyone is addicted to an astrology app called Co-Star. In fact, people are so addicted that it's inspired a savage meme.

Check out the funniest Co-Star astrology memes below.

Co-Star astrology memes will read your horoscope accurately
Co-Star astrology memes will read your horoscope accurately. Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures // NBC

Co-Star is a new astrology app famous for giving "hyper-personalised, real-time" horoscopes. That and the fact that Co-Star uses real data from NASA means that it's extremely popular among zodiac buffs. Essentially, you tell it your date of birth and it then gives you updates, warnings and advice on how to live your life based on daily horoscope readings. It brings the art and science of astrology straight to your phone.

Amazing, right? Except for the fact that Co-Star users have noticed how negative the app can be. If you turn on notifications for the app, it gives you "your day at a glance" alerts but they include advice like: "If they want you, they'll let you know" and "you talk about other people because you don't have your own life". Way harsh, Ta! Naturally, it's inspired a meme in which people create their own Co-Star readings.

Let's start with one which everyone can relate too.

Now this is some astrology I can get on board with.

Putting this in the harsh but fair horoscope file.

I'm noticing a pattern.

Some of the memes are highly specific.

Wow... um, okay.

Others are just highlighting how bad the app can be.

I mean it's never said this but then again it's kind of said this.

All people want is a pick me up for their self esteem.

Co-Star says no.

Maybe some of Co-Star's advice is useful though.

They could have said it more kindly but they have a point.

This one is for they gays.

I'm listening.

Maybe Co-Star is good after all?

Maybe not.

This meme is important.

I put my name on the box for a reason Linda.

Of course the meme got NSFW.


And it crossed over with other iconic content.


What if Co-Star is the bitter bitch, not us?

It makes sense.

In conclusion...

...we need to delete this app.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Co-Star?