YouTuber Chris Chan has been placed in a male jail despite being a transgender woman

6 August 2021, 12:20

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Is Chris Chan transgender? Chris legally changed her name to Christine Weston Chandler in 2016.

YouTuber Chris Chan is currently being categorised as male in jail despite being a transgender woman.

On Monday (Aug 2), Chris – whose full name is Christine Weston Chandler – was arrested and charged with one count of incest after a recording from a leaked phone call was posted on Kiwi Farms. In the audio, a person claiming to be Chandler discussed having a sexual relationship with her 79-year-old mother Barbara.

Chris is currently quarantining at the Central Virginia Regional Jail because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Chris was originally being held at the Henrico County Jail but she was transferred to the Central Virginia Regional Jail on Wednesday. "I've had an interaction with inmate Chandler and it's been fine. Everything is okay," Captain Hoffman told Insider in regards to her well-being.

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YouTuber Chris Chan has been placed in a male jail despite being a transgender woman
YouTuber Chris Chan has been placed in a male jail despite being a transgender woman. Picture: CwcvilleGuardian via YouTube

The felony is punishable by up to 12 years in prison and Chris is being held without bail by order of Greene County General District Judge Kenneth Andrew Sneathern, who said in a hearing that "there appears to be a personal danger to the defendant and to the public at large," the Daily Progress reports. Her next court hearing is scheduled for September 16.

The Daily Mail reported that Chandler was set to be "housed with women inmates". However, Insider says that Chris' gender categorisation was changed from female to male on the VINE system, which allows victims of crime to search for information regarding the custody status of an offender. Hoffman did not confirm to the publication why Chris had been categorised as male.

And I Am Woman! So Use the Correct Pronoun about me: I AM SHE!!!

Posted by Christine Weston Chandler on Monday, August 7, 2017

Chris, who has autism, legally changed her name from Christian to Christine in May 2016 and shared a YouTube video detailing her transition. However, she reportedly started identifying as a woman in 2014 and has stated that her pronouns are she/her. Chris has previously called herself a "lesbian-identified male", "intersex" and "cross-dressing t*anny".