QUIZ: What percent Cheugy are you?

7 May 2021, 16:37

Holly Madison explains what Cheug Life means on TikTok

How 'cheugy' are you?

Hello. A new word has gone viral on TikTok so we thought we'd make a quiz about it. The word in question? Cheugy.

Cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) means something or someone that is a bit out of date, off-trend or appears to be trying too hard. The Urban Dictionary definition, added by @CheugLife back in 2018, also adds: "Stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style." The word was coined back in 2013 by now 23-year-old Gaby Rasson.

Cheugy can apparently be anything from music, interior design choices, food, movies, TV characters, memes, certain clothing brands, slang terms... Some cheugy things are also subjective. Things you may have considered cheugy 10 years ago may now be coming back into fashion too. There's no rules to the cheug-ness of it all.

Some have expressed concern that it's just another term, like 'basic', that perpetuates misogynistic and negative connotations towards millennial women, in particular. However, many have pointed out that it is a gender neutral term. Anyone can be cheugy. Things like Barstool Sports and Axe Body spray have also been labelled cheugy by TikTokers. It's also not necessarily always a bad thing to be called cheugy.

As The New York Times' author Taylor Lorenz reports in her deep dive into 'Cheug Life', being self-aware and confidently not giving a f*ck what others think of you or your apparent cheugy-ness is actually un-cheugy. The article also points out that "people who use the term said they often identify as cheugy themselves."

So, based on the general consensus of the criteria, what percent are cheugy are you? Find out in the completely pointless, just for fun quiz below.

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