Charlie Craggs and NoseBleedFitz in conversation for Transgender Awareness Week

18 November 2021, 12:10

Charlie Craggs and NoseBleedFitz talk about their coming out journeys
Charlie Craggs and NoseBleedFitz talk about their coming out journeys. Picture: PopBuzz
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Charlie and Bella open up about their coming out journeys on the Coming Out Chats podcast

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Welcome to Coming Out Chats, the podcast where our guests open up to each other about their coming out journeys. This week we're joined by Charlie Craggs and NoseBleedFitz.

Charlie is an award-winning trans activist, author, presenter and founder of Nail Transphobia, a pop-up salon providing free manicures by transgender nail artists. The salon has been praised for helping to educate and dispel myths about trans people.

Earlier this year, Charlie released her first documentary called Transitioning Teens. The film follows Charlie as she meets teenagers across the country who have been waiting years for a first appointment at an NHS gender identity clinic.

Meeting Charlie for the first time is Bella Fitz.

Better known as NoseBleedFitz to her 650,000 followers, Bella has become one of the most popular creators on TikTok thanks to her hilarious videos and outspoken stance on LGBTQ issues.

After starting a GoFundMe page, Bella was able to fund her entire transition thanks to the generosity of her fans. In return, Bella has created a series called Queers For Queers, where Bella promotes fundraisers on her TikTok for others in the community who are raising money towards their health care costs.

In this episode, Charlie and Bella talk about their coming out journeys, their experiences accessing health care in the UK, staying in touch with teachers, and drawing strength from the trans community. 

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