"Bust down Thotiana" memes are taking over and it's all thanks to Blueface's viral hit

15 February 2019, 13:21

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Blueface's "Thotiana" has become a viral meme and people can't seem to get the lyrics "bust down Thotiana" out of their heads.

Blueface's 2018 club jam "Thotiana" is being turned into a meme and the song is so addictive you'll be saying "bust down Thotiana" to yourself for the foreseeable future. 22-year-old rapper Blueface dropped the song in February 2018 but it took a whole year for it to debut on the Billboard Hot 100, so far peeking at number 20. No doubt all the "Thotiana" memes helped, as did a freestyle by Nicki Minaj called "Bust Down Barbiana".

Watch the original "Thotiana" video below.

Blue Face "Thotiana" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

What does "bust down Thotiana" mean?

Thotiana is the nickname that Blueface has assigned to an anonymous sexual partner in the song. Thotiana, presumably, plays on the name "Tatiana" and the usage of the word "thot" to describe a promiscuous person. In an interview with Genius, Blueface explained the meaning behind "Thotiana".

"So what really inspired that was thots, sluts, whores. I love all y'all man. I love all the thots and all the whores." Fascinating.

Bust or "bus" down (both seem to be widely used) may also be a colloquialism for performing sex acts. Some have also interpreted the song to mean "get down on the dance floor".

The bust down Thotiana memes have officially taken over Twitter, with people setting the catchy song to cartoons and viral videos.

Inevitably, the bus jokes rolled in.

People are having trouble getting the phrase "bust down Thotiana" out of their heads.

And, of course, people were advocating for Thotiana's right NOT to bust down.

"Thotiana" is clearly a viral hit and, with a Cardi B remix on the way, that trend shows no signs of slowing down.