Bumble now lets you filter your matches by star sign and it's genius

10 January 2019, 16:34

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Everyone has that ONE sign they're deathly allergic to.

Bumble users appreciate the app's ladies first approach to online dating. They're also appreciating one of Bumble's newest additions, a feature that allows you to filter out matches by star sign. Yes, that's right. Scorpios everywhere are shaking following the late 2018 addition to the popular dating app.

The realisation that you can now filter your Bumble matches by star sign has been a relief for a lot of people.

When I meet someone new, we always have to get at least three minutes of general astrology chit chat out of the way. It's just the law.

And some folks already knew which signs would be on the chopping block.

Everyone has that one star sign they're deathly allergic to.

Of course, this now creates the possibility of people potentially lying about their star sign.

Not everyone is into the whole idea, though. "Hey, bumble, now you implemented the zodiac signs, will you also implement an option to filter out people who believe in zodiac? Because YIKES," wrote one Twitter user.

Obviously, it's all in good fun and people shouldn't live and die by a potential partner's star sign. Besides, 2019 is the year we're going full natal charts. We're not just asking their star sign, we need their time and location of birth to get the real tea!

What do you guys think? Which star signs would you filter out?

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