Bretman Rock defends James Charles following backlash over their collab

2 March 2020, 16:15

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Makeup stars James Charles and Bretman Rock recently released two YouTube videos together.

Bretman Rock has clapped back at people criticising him for working with James Charles on a recent set of YouTube videos.

Last week (Feb 28), Bretman Rock and James Charles both announced that they would be releasing videos together. James posted a Korean BBQ Mukbang with Bretman on his channel and Bretman shared a Song Association Game with James on his channel. Both videos quickly racked up millions of views and positive comments from fans of both Bretman and James.

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However, Bretman faced some backlash for deciding to collab with James and now he's taken to Twitter to defend him.

Song Association Game with James Charles

Last Friday (Feb 28), Bretman tweeted: "AHHHHHH NEW video today !! With @jamescharles you guys are gonna love it" and James tweeted: "about 3 hours until the collab with @bretmanrock goes liveee". Fans immediately started responding to the tweets but Bretman noticed that, while all the replies to James were positive, almost all of the replies to him were negative.

Bretman then criticised people who were being negative. He tweeted: "First screen shot is from my post and second is from James post.. Look at the difference in the energy... there’s so much hate comming [sic] from people who support me and I’m so disappointed, I understand and respect you guys opinions but just don’t watch it simple."

The screenshots show Bretman's fans saying: "please don't" and "hell nah". Meanwhile, James' fans can be seen tweeting: "can't wait" and "we've been waiting for this for ages". Fans then told Bretman that they were concerned about the collab because of James' past and Bretman responded to them.

Bretman explained: "I’ve expressed my opinions about his past in the video... if you had bothered to watch it. I don’t agree with everything he’s done. I’m not here to defend any of that but what I don’t agree with is the internet pushing him in the verge of suicide. I can only imagine what thats like".

A fan added: "I don’t think anyone hates you (I love you a lot), but I think it’s ok for people to call something out when they feel like it’s wrong (objectively, James does have a problematic and racist past that most can’t overlook)."

Bretman then replied: "I agree with you 110% and I love you guys right back SOO MUCH! Im simply just asking to keep the hate down... I just don’t like Drama and you guys know that about me by now."

Bretman also retweeted a fan who wrote: "idk if it’s just me but i genuinely love that bretman can get along with everyone and completely remove himself from all negativity in the beauty community".

What do you think? Were you excited to see Bretman and James collab?