Bobbi Brown hilariously drags TikToker over viral foundation review

19 May 2022, 13:03

Bobbi Brown claps back at viral TikTok tutorial

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"If Bobbi Brown dragged me like this I would literally never show my face again."

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If the YouTuber beauty community has taught us anything, it's don't come for a makeup artist. And now we're all obsessed with TikTok, the rules haven't changed.

Bobbi Brown has hit back at a TikToker who made a rather questionable review of her foundation. The drama all kicked off after makeup artist Meredith Duxbury shared her thoughts on the new Jones Road What The Foundation. For context, Jones Road is Bobbi's makeup brand which she launched in 2020. She stepped down from the company she founded, called Bobbi Brown, in 2016 but it still retains her name.

In the offending video, Meredith introduced the foundation, scooped out an obscene amount and slapped it on her face. She then tried to blend it out with a sponge and a brush, but the foundation became more and more patchy. "It's gonna be a no from me – I really wanted to like this, though," Meredith concluded.

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Bobbi Brown claps back at TikToker for 'shady' foundation review
Bobbi Brown claps back at TikToker for 'shady' foundation review. Picture: @justbobbibrown via TikTok, @meredithduxbury via TikTok

The now-viral video has been viewed almost 14 million times and after multiple comments saying that she had not done a "fair review", Meredith posted another video. "I'm all about second chances, though, so let's give this another shot. I was feeling a full glam moment yesterday but I suppose this is a tinted balm," she said.

Meredith then applied a pea-sized amount to her face, but after working it into her skin with her fingers, she still looked thoroughly unimpressed. She added: "To be honest I don't even see a slight difference. The smell is also very overpowering."

Meredith's review went viral and it wasn't too long before it reached Jones Road founder and iconic makeup artist Bobbi Brown herself, who clapped back with a video of her own.

In the video, Bobbi slaps on the foundation just like Meredith does. "So I always love learning new makeup techniques and I learned one today. I'm not sure if it's gonna work but I'm gonna try. Hm… didn't really work," Bobbi said.

People were absolutely living for her shady response in the comment section.

"This is hilarious and justified," one person wrote. Another commented: "If Bobbi Brown dragged me like this I would literally never show my face again."

The drama! The pettiness! The messiness! Whew... has anyone checked on Meredith?

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