The first black hole photo has already inspired the best space-themed memes

11 April 2019, 17:51

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The very first image of a black hole, made possible by Dr. Katie Bouman's algorithm, has inspired a flurry of space related memes.

A huge scientific milestone in the study of astronomy has already been memed thanks to the internet's ability to joke about literally anything. The first ever image of a black hole was widely shared this week, thanks to the work of The National Science Foundation and Dr. Katie Bouman, the scientist who developed the algorithm that made the image possible.

The black hole from the galaxy Messier 87 got the meme treatment here on Earth shortly after its internet debut.

Black Hole Messier 87
Black Hole Messier 87. Picture: EHT Collaboration/ Press Association Images

The black hole photo has some pretty distinct features, including a golden orange ring that reminded people on the internet of a ton of different things.

The first image of a black hole became a meme as people compared it to things like food.

And there were plenty of pop culture references thrown into the mix.

Have you tried zooming out?

The internet's reaction to the image was also memed.

Does a black hole seem like the internet's usual meme fodder? Not necessarily. But never underestimate people's ability to have fun with a major scientific breakthrough.