Ashley O "On A Roll" memes will make you stan the fictional 'Black Mirror' character

19 June 2019, 13:17

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"Miley Cyrus, Ashley O and Hannah Montana knowing they are the holy trinity of pop music". Netflix viewers are loving fictional international pop sensation Ashley O and her smash hit "On A Roll" and the memes are iconic.

Season 5 of Black Mirror brought Netflix viewers a tense hostage situation, sex in a video game, and a pop star named Ashley O. In the "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" episode, fans met a fictional pop sensation played by Miley Cyrus and, as it turns out, people are absolutely obsessed with the queen of wearing purple wigs and being in a coma.

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Memes about Ashley O are all over the internet as people slowly begin to realise that they properly stan the fictional character.

Netflix and Miley Cyrus dropped the music video for "On A Roll" last week and it only served to convince the internet (including yours truly) that there should be a full album with a tour and Ashley O merch.

Ashley O – On a Roll | Official Music Video

Truthfully, the legend jumped all the way out.

And if you say you haven't already come up with full choreography for "On A Roll" then what are you waiting for?

Hannah, Miley, and Ashley. The holy trinity.

Ashley O "On A Roll" lyrics: 10/10

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