Ariana Grande's Givenchy teaser has spawned some hilarious memes

10 May 2019, 15:47

Ariana Grande performs on Coachella Stage during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival/Givenchy teaser
Ariana Grande's Givenchy teaser has spawned some hilarious memes. Picture: Getty/Twitter:@givenchy
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Ariana Grande's possible Givenchy collaboration has inspired some truly hilarious memes.

Ariana Grande is known for many things – her music, Victorious and that iconic ponytail. The 'MONOPOLY' singer has been sporting that pony since time began, and she simply won't give up the trademark style.

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So when Givenchy dropped a teaser on who would be the latest celebrity to front their campaign, they kind of gave the game away real quick.

Yesterday (May 9), the French fashion house hinted at who would be their latest brand ambassador on Twitter. "GUESS WHO? THE NEW FACE OF #GIVENCHY, REVEALED TOMORROW," they wrote, alongside a promotional video.

In a video, a black silhouette is seen whipping its Rapunzel-esque ponytail, before the video dramatically cuts off. Hm, wonder who that could be…

SPOILER: Ariana later posted a still of the image on her Twitter page. Of course, unless they throw in a major curveball it has to her… right?

Whoever it may be, the very obvious announcement has inspired some hilarious memes and everyone's attempting to guess who it could be.

You never know, this cat definitely has the potential.

It's like looking into a mirror.

Thanos only wanted the Infinity Stones so he could bring back his favourite wig.

Did we hear a quack at the end of the video?

OMG it's definitely Pikachu.

Now you mention it, he does always rock a ponytail.

We know it's you Bey – show yourself.

Toulouse is forever securing the bag.

Miss Piggy did the ponytail first.

The mystery has been solved.

The internet is truly home to some talented individuals.