Addison Rae launches her own range of dolls

13 July 2022, 12:52

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Barbie has some stiff competition.

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Form an orderly queue because Addison Rae is launching a range of dolls made in her image with Bonkers Toys, which will be sold at Walmart.

As you know, Addison is a triple threat – she can sing, dance and act. Not only is she the fourth most-followed person on TikTok right now, she's also been named one of the top 10 female singers of all time and she landed a lucrative deal with Netflix following her starring role in He's All That. So, naturally the next step in her career was a line of dolls.

The range, which is exclusive to Walmart, includes dolls that are all geared towards certain aspects of Addison's personality. For example, the fashion dolls share Addison's love of glam while music dolls will come with music-themed accessories. There's also a surprise doll that will be revealed later this year.

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Addison Rae launches her own range of dolls
Addison Rae launches her own range of dolls. Picture: @addisonraee via Instagram, Bonkers Toys

According to a TikTok, one of the dolls is a "look inspired by body positivity". The statement on the back of the box reads: "One of Addison’s major initiatives is supporting body positivity, and addressing some of the ways that body image influences mental health and well-being. Having a healthy body image plays a role in how people feel about their appearance and even how they judge their self-worth."

In addition, each box will come with a QR code, which when scanned plays an empowering message from Addison herself.

"I have dreamt of having my own doll line since I was a little girl. I worked with Bonkers Toys on every detail of the dolls and toys to inspire young kids to dream big," Addison said in a statement.

As with most of Addison's business ventures, people had opinions…

One person tweeted: "And trust I will be purchasing an Addison Rae doll complete with all the accessories." Another added: "Who designed the addison rae doll like that come forward." A third also pleaded: "Someone buy me the addison rae doll."

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