Adam Levine tattoo memes were the best part about the Super Bowl halftime show

4 February 2019, 20:50

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Adam Levine with his shirt off looks like a Chipotle bag..."

Maroon 5's Adam Levine had quite a bit of a shirtless moment during the Super Bowl halftime show performance yesterday (Feb 3) and it's sparked a lot of debate online, and created a loooot of memes.

Some people couldn't contain their thirst, some people couldn't contain their anger over the double standards that Adam's ~nipple reveal~ has raised, especially when you consider the backlash Janet Jackson received back in 2004 but nonetheless, people were absolutely GAGGED to discover that the frontman was covered in hundreds of random tattoos underneath that terrible terrible brown tank top.

From the Chipotle bag comparisons to the Memento memes, here are all the funniest tweets about Adam Levine's tattoos.

How many tattoos does Adam Levine have?

Adam Levine's tattoos at the Super Bowl have sparked a ton of memes
Adam Levine's tattoos at the Super Bowl have sparked a ton of memes. Picture: Al Bello / Staff, Chipotle

Turns out, just like many of the other boiz in the music industry today (Bieber, Styles, Malik, Malone, Sheeran...), Levine has quite the random AF collection. There's a giant 'CALIFORNIA' written on his stomach (a nod to his home state), he's got a tiger on his arm, Sanskrit writings on his chest, a Dove on his shoulder (his first tattoo, which he got when he was 21), the words 'True Love' written across his knuckles and that massive mermaid mural on his back, to name a few. Not all his tattoos have meanings, some are just there because he likes them. SIMPLE AS THAT, TBH.

(According to an interview with People in 2013, all of Levine's tattoos are above the waist... in case you were wondering!)

Last night's performance was the first time a lot of non-Maroon 5 stans out there realised that Adam was covered in a shit ton of tattoos and now, the internet is swarming with memes about his torso.

You know what, Adam's tattoos aren't even that bad at all but each to their own, we guess. It could be worse... he could have Ben Affleck's giant phoenix tattoo. He could have the words 'Always Tired' written under his eyes... Let Adam Levine and his nice torso be tattooed in peace.