WATCH: Mabel Prank Calls Her Dad With A Message That He'll Never Forget

19 January 2018, 10:00

Sorry, Mr McVey.

Mabel is kind of a big deal. She's made huge anthems like 'Finders Keepers' and 'Fine Line' with Not3s. She smashed the #CapitalJBB stage. And now she's gone and made our life...

The 21-year-old singer made Roman Kemp's Friday by paying him a visit, and ringing her Da.

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Mabel on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp and Vick Hope

Now, usually ringing your parents during an interview isn't the coolest thing to do, but it is when Ro and Vick Hope set Mabel the challenge of sneaking some of the most bizarre phrases into her chat.

From speaking about earlobes to wild horses, Mabel did surprisingly well, so once she's done with singing, we'd be game for her to take up acting.

And the weirdest part? Her Dad totally went along with it. He's our hero.

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You have permission to stop what you're doing and enjoy Mabel's live performance of 'Finders Keepers'...