A Nan Got A Photo With A Random Bloke She Thought Was James Arthur - It's The Best Thing You'll See Today

16 October 2017, 14:47

James Arthur Nan Photo

This woman could be our favourite woman ever.

Everyone wants a photo with a celebrity. Whether it's to cherish fond memories, or just to gloat with your mates down the pub, that's one thing a lot of people strive for.

However, in this case, one woman has strived a little too hard.

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Bethany shared a snapshot of a conversation between her and her grandmother, who sent a photo of her next to a random man... Who she thought was Vodafone Big Top 40 number one singer, James Arthur.

But seriously; he was just a totally random bloke.

We mean, if you squint really, really, really hard, you can kinda see it, but we don't expect to see this geezer singing 'Say You Won't Let Go'. (Unless it's to someone's nan who keeps holding on to him for photos.)

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Now this is James Arthur. And in case you're wondering, yes, he is waxing Roman Kemp's legs. Obviously.