Who Is Harry Styles’ Ex-Girlfriend Camille Rowe? Job, Age & The Songs Written About Her From ‘Falling’ & 'Watermelon Sugar' To ‘Cherry’

27 February 2020, 16:54

Camille Rowe has been thought to be the inspiration behind Harry Styles' 'Fine Line' album
Camille Rowe has been thought to be the inspiration behind Harry Styles' 'Fine Line' album. Picture: Getty

Harry Styles famously dated Camille Rowe for a year and he’s written his fair share of songs about her, but how old is she and what does she do? Here’s what we know.

Harry Styles has been known to pen songs about love, especially in his latest album ‘Fine Line’, where he wrote a number of tracks about his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe.

The One Direction singer dated her for around a year and she has since been his muse behind the record.

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But which songs has he written about Camille? And what’s her job? Here’s what we know…

Who is Camille? - Age & Job

Camille Rowe has modelled for Victoria's Secret
Camille Rowe has modelled for Victoria's Secret. Picture: Getty

Camille Rowe - real name, Camille Chrystal Pourcheresse - is a 34-year-old French-American model.

Born to an American mother and French father, she grew up between Paris, New York and California.

Camille has modelled for Victoria’s Secret, Playboy and Ralph Lauren, amongst other huge names.

How did she meet Harry?

Harry Styles dated Camille Rowe for around a year
Harry Styles dated Camille Rowe for around a year. Picture: Getty

The couple were apparently introduced through her BFF and fellow model, Alexa Chung.

They went on to date from the summer of 2017 to July 2018, with the ‘Adore You’ singer’s family reportedly meeting her ahead of his concert in Paris, in March 2018.

Which songs has Harry written about Camille?

Camille Rowe has been a topic for discussion in Harry Styles' music
Camille Rowe has been a topic for discussion in Harry Styles' music. Picture: Getty

Falling’ is thought to be about his romance with the VS model, as the track highlights going through a difficult relationship.

He sings, ‘I’m well aware I write too many songs about you’, which could definitely hint at Camille being his inspiration for his second album.

He also goes on to blame himself for their romance coming to an end, singing:

"I'm in my bed, and you're not here

And there's no one to blame but the drink in my wandering hands,

Forget what I said, It's not what I meant

And I can't take it back, I can't unpack the baggage you left."

'Cherry' caused a lot of conversation amongst fans when his record dropped as it features a voicemail from what a lot of people seem to think is her.

The outro to the song is a message left to Haz, in French.

The translation is:

“Hello! Are you asleep?

"Oh, I’m sorry…

“Well, no… No, it’s not important

“Well… We went to the beach and we…


The ‘Lights Up’ star sings about missing someone in the track, singing:

"Don't you call him 'baby'

We're not talking lately

Don't you call him what you used to call me

I, I confess I can tell that you are at your best

I'm selfish so I'm hating it

I noticed that there's a piece of you in how I dress

Take it as a compliment."

'Watermelon Sugar' also has been speculated to be about the French beauty, as she said in an interview with Elle in 2017 that 'In Watermelon Sugar' by Richard Brautigan is one of her favourite books.

Harry even admitted that he started reading because of an ex, when speaking to Rolling Stone in August 2019.

He said: "Reading didn’t really used to be my thing. I had such a short attention span. But I was dating someone who gave me some books; I felt like I had to read them because she’d think I was a dummy if I didn’t read them.”

If that wasn't already enough of a clue, the lyrics point to their summer romance, with him singing:

"Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin'

And it sounds just like a song

I want your belly and that summer feelin'

I don’t know if I could ever go without."

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