A Fan Touched Harry Styles's Hair When They Met & People Are Debating If It's Ok

27 February 2020, 11:26

A fan touched Harry Styles's hair and opinion is divided
A fan touched Harry Styles's hair and opinion is divided. Picture: Twitter/PA

A Harry Styles fan just took their opportunity in the presence of the 'Adore You' star to see what his luscious locks feel like, and whilst some are admiring her 'booping' his hair, others feel it crosses the line.

Harry Styles hit up New York's Times Square for a performance on the Today show, and one fan who was lucky enough to get close to the 'Falling' singer decided to feel what those famous locks felt like and gave them a gentle touch to see if it feels as good as it looks.

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The video shows the fan reaching her hand to touch his hair as the 26-year-old singer approaches to sign autographs, giving it a gentle pat as a security guard shouts at screaming fans to 'calm down', pretty gently so that it appears he may not have even noticed.

One fan wrote, "Omg what a dream come true it would be to touch Harry Styles hair. This girl is winning at life" and another said, "SHE PATTED IT SO GENTLY LIKEโ€”*pat pat* the security guard in the back got me WHEEZING" and thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious.

However, other fans didn't see the funny side of it, calling out the fan for touching him without permission, saying "don't touch people without their consent guys" and other admitted whilst you shouldn't touch, they 'still couldn't help but find his fluffy hair funny."

Fans debate about touching Harry Styles's hair
Fans debate about touching Harry Styles's hair. Picture: Twitter

Another fan made headlines during Harry's Today performance, as she pretty much had a meltdown on live TV after a presenter told her Harry had seen her crying during soundcheck and wanted to give her two VIP tickets to his upcoming tour, Love On Tour, which kicks off this April.

The fan, called Mary, proceeded to collapse onto the ground, hysterically crying, and shouting 'Are you kidding me?! I can't' causing the host to give her a big hug and beg her to calm down.

The power of Haz!

A Harry Styles superfan collapses as she's offered concert tickets
A Harry Styles superfan collapses as she's offered concert tickets. Picture: Today Show NBC

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