Harry Styles Drops 'Bisexual Anthem' 'Lights Up' On National Coming Out Day

11 October 2019, 13:17

Harry Styles drops new music on National Coming Out Day
Harry Styles drops new music on National Coming Out Day. Picture: YouTube/ Harry Styles

The 'Lights Up' singer dropped music for the first time in a long old time, with a steamy 'bisexual' music video, and he did it on National Coming Out Day.

Harry Styles just dropped brand new music for the first time in over a year with 'Lights Up', sending fans into meltdown with the seriously steamy music video that's being heralded a 'bisexual anthem' and it's all happened on National Coming Out Day, leaving many wondering what message the singer is sending.

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The pop-perfect track dropped by Haz includes the lyrics 'Know who you are/ Do you know who you are?' and the steamy video is being applauded for its sexual ambiguity, dancing seductively with both men and women, and serving some seriously glittery, feminine looks (that we're obsessed with, btw).

One fan wrote, "the fact harry released a music video where he’s dancing with the boys and the girls on national coming out day" and another said, "okay but harry starting his new era on national coming out day can NOT be ignored" and we couldn't agree more.

His sexuality is something Harry has previously stated he doesn't feel the need to label and in a 2018 song 'Medicine' sang lyrics about messing around with 'boys and girls', having been a staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights and co-hosting the Met Gala which had a theme of camp.

Harry Styles releases 'Lights Up' on National Coming Out day
Harry Styles releases 'Lights Up' on National Coming Out day. Picture: YouTube/ Harry Styles

So, is dropping the song on this day a subtle hint to the world if his bisexuality, or is he simply choosing the date to promote the cause of LGBTQ people all over the world and give them the anthem they deserve.

Either way- the star is back with a serious bang and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for the whole album.\

We know he's filmed more music videos for the upcoming record, and now we have a sense of what's to come, we're sensing there's plenty more sensual, sexual vibes to come.

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