Camila Cabello Sent Fans The Most Amazing Mystery Gift & Personal Letter In The Post

1 October 2018, 15:35 | Updated: 4 October 2018, 15:01

Camila teased her fans with a cryptic message.
Camila teased her fans with a cryptic message. Picture: Instagram

Camila apologised for not being good at social media as she revealed that she was sending something out to some of her Camilizers in the mail.

Camila Cabello fans have been waiting by their postboxes after the lady herself revealed that she was sending out something special to some of her fans in the mail... and she's revealed exactly what that is!

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Camila took to Twitter this week to apologise for not being very good at social media because she prefers her privacy when she dropped the news of the surprise gifts.

She wrote, “I’m really not great at social media, it’s hard nowadays because everybody’s on it all the time, but I’ve always been really private and also don’t like being on my phone an much less on the internet.

“But just because I’m 80 years old when it comes to social media and I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m not cooking some really special things up for you. Some of you might be getting something in the mail soon *sips tea*….. love you”.

Fans were quick to speculate what the mystery post might be:

Camila herself took to Instagram to show off what the fans had received after they had all been delivered - 12 lucky Camilizers received a personalised box full of rose petals, a letter written for them and exclusive polaroids of her next music video.

She wrote, "who’s got mail? i creeped and creeped and creeped until i found 12 special people, i read as much about your life as i could through posts and DMs, where you wrote to me about your day to day and your world, and i wrote you a letter like the ones you write to me.

"i love you, thank you for making me feel so loved and listened to every day, i feel the exact same way about you even if we’re far away. happy fall, also #ConsequencesIsComing"

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