WATCH: Camila Cabello Is Sorted Into Her Hogwarts House On Quizface

8 October 2019, 15:22

Camila Cabello joins Jimmy Hill for a special episode of Quizface featuring Hogwarts houses, a Spanish soap opera and the strangest quick-fire round you'll ever see.

Camila Cabello is as quirky as she is talented (which basically means a LOT) so... when she came into the Quizface dungeon to meet Jimmy Hill, we knew something special was about to happen.

Not only did we finally found out which Hogwarts house Camila truly belongs to, we got to see her star as Karla in the first mini-episode of the now world famous soap opera 'Cuestionario de la Cara'.

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Camila Cabello takes part in Quizface with Jimmy Hill
Camila Cabello takes part in Quizface with Jimmy Hill. Picture: Capital

Quizface has now officially started it's second season! The likes of Anne-Marie, Halsey, Troye Sivan and Mabel have already graced the show alongside Jimmy Hill and there is plenty more to come..

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