Camila Cabello's Mum Crashing Her Sangria Wine Dance Tutorial Is Everything

9 June 2018, 10:22

Camila Cabello has started a 'Sangria Wine dance challenge' and along with her dancers, enlisted the help from none other than her absolute LEDGE of a mum!

It's not every day you can get your mum to team up with your team of professional back-up dancers and choreographers to teach your fans how to do the dance routine you and Pharell made up- but then again, we aren't Camila Cabello.

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Just when Camila is about to break into the fierce new routine with her trusty team of dancers, Cam's mum video-bombs the whole thing- and girl got moves! As they all stir their imaginary sangrias and break it down, anyone could forget mumma Cabello isn't on the dance squad, it's seriously impressive!

Camila and her mum are actual BFF's and are always sharing videos of them being legends- remember when Camila spent her 21st in her pjs with her mum singing at her with balloons? Family goals <3.

Picture: GIPHY

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