Anne-Marie Promised To Pay Off A Fan's Parking Ticket, After She Was Charged Seeing Her!

20 March 2018, 11:05

Anne-Marie Parking Ticket Asset

Can someone get Anne-Marie a crown, seeing as she's an actual queen?

Everyone has their faves. Some people prefer 'Game of Thrones' to 'Stranger Things'. Some people like Chinese takeaway over pizza.

We, however, think Anne-Marie might just be our favourite thing. Like, ever.

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Anne-Marie Capital Summertime BallPic: PA Images

The 'Ciao Adios' singer kicked off her tour in Birmingham on Monday, 19 March, where she performed some of her most iconic songs, including 'FRIENDS' and 'Alarm'.

But that's not we're here for. We're here for something that might be 2018's cutest deed. When one fan, who goes by the name of Beckii Whiting, got a parking ticket for leaving her car to see the show, Anne-Marie dusted off her wand and did some pure magic.

Noticing the post, the 26-year-old promised to pay off the ticket... After laughing hysterically in Beckii's face that is.

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So there you have it - if you do wanna go see Anne-Marie on her tour, make sure you keep all of your travel receipts and expense it back to her. (Just don't tell her we sent you.)

If you can't make it though, we give you Anne-Marie's dope performance of the 'Friends' theme-tune!