People Rush To Defend Anne-Marie After She Receives Brutal Fan Abuse Before Live Show

27 March 2018, 15:42 | Updated: 27 March 2018, 16:00


The 'Friends' singer always tries to do the best by her fans and this needlessly absuive tweet from a 'fan' was a step too far.

From a quick glance at social media recently, you can see that Anne-Marie's fans absolutely love her. From buying one fan new shoes when they broke, to buying all her fans waiting outside her gig pizza, she's basically a real life angel.

So when one fan sent Anne-Marie abuse on Twitter ahead of one of her live dates, people absolutely weren't having any of it and rightly so.

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It all appears to have begun when Anne-Marie rushed past fans waiting outside the venue in order to attend an interview inside that she was running late for.

(GIF: Giphy)

According to Anne-Marie, her tour manager explained that to eager fans and informed them that she would definitely be out to greet them following the interview. Sadly that wasn't enough for one fan, who took to Twitter to share her views...

Anne-Marie Tweet 1

As you can see above, the fan wrote, 'Just got completely swerved at the O2 Academy by one of my favourite singers @AnneMarie thanks to her manager or whatever having stood for ages in the freezinf cold.. f**k your conert I'm away home! I thought you were nicer... complete dick move!'

Then Anne-Marie explained the situation and informed fans that she now wouldn't be coming outside to greet them after receiving the harshly negative message.

Anne-Marie then took to her own Twitter and wrote, 'Sorry everyone, don’t get mad. All I want is for my ‘fans’ and supporters to be happy and I try my hardest and that tweet made me feel like I’m a bad person. Let’s just leave it now. X'

Of course fans were quick to rush to her defense, including her good friend and drummer Beanie who shot back at the fan's original tweet...

Anne-Marie Tweet 2

As one of the most down to earth music stars around, Anne-Marie would literally do anything for her fans and is always blown away with the incredible level of support she receives from them, so anyone who knows her would be shocked by the upsetting messages she recieved ahead of a show.

But the positvity that has come flooding in will certainly make her feel a lot better and now she'll probabaly put on the best show of her life!

Thankkfull the fan whose initial tweet sparked the whole thing off replied and apologised, writing 'I honestly didn't realise you were going to come back out and am so sorry I completely jumped the gun! I can only apologise!'.

Anne-Marie Tweet 3

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