WATCH: Anne-Marie's Story About Meeting The Queen With Shawn Mendes & Craig David Is Hilarious

3 May 2018, 10:10

If you ever get the opportunity to meet The Queen, maybe play it a bit cooler than Anne-Marie!

If you had the chance to meet a member of the Royal Family, what would your first words be? Would you know what to say/do or would you become a nervous wreck?

Well when Anne-Marie had the opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth II after performing at her 92nd birthday event alongside the likes of Shawn Mendes and Craig David, she had a bit of a moment that she'll certainly remember forever!

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Explaining how the event worked, Anne-Marie told us, "We had the dress rehearsal beforehand so we could run through everything - we had the ending bit where we had to sing happy birthday to her, but we never really knew what we were doing".

Then the moment for Anne-Marie to meet The Queen actually arrived and it left Anne-Marie wanting to hit ctrl+z ASAP!

Revealing her thoughts beforehand, AM explained, "On the actual performance when we were just about to sing happy birthday, The Queen was backstage with us just standing there , no security - nothing, just standing there and I was like 'OMG what are we supposed to do? Are we allowed to touch her? What do we say?'."

"There was me, Shawn Mendes and Craig David at the end. I saw her saying hello to all these older artists and she kinda looked at us and was like 'hmmm' and I walked forward and went 'HEY!'. I said 'HEY!' to The Queen and she was like 'hmm' and walked over there."


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Revealing what Shawn mendes' reaction to meeting The Queen was, Anne-Marie claimed, "Shawn Mendes went silent. He was like 'she's there, she's there!' and I was like 'calm down, calm down'. Yeah he went silent."

Well there aren't any re-dos on this one AM, so you better practice telling this one to your future grandkids you absolute legend!

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