First to kick off the Jingle Bell Ball tonight - it's US R&B superstar Ne-Yo!

First up on Sunday was US RnB superstar Ne-Yo.


  • Miss Independent: The second single off his 3rd album 'Year Of The Gentleman'. Released September last year to big fanfare: it's sold platinum in the States after hitting #1 on the US R&B charts, and peaked at #6 in the UK.
  • So Sick: His second single ever, which made #1 in both the US and UK. Has sold platinum in the States.
  • Medley
  • Mad: One of his recent singles off his latest album, which made #5 on the US R&B charts and peaked at #19 over here.
  • Closer: Probably his biggest hit over here - hit #1 and has sold silver. Has sold platinum in the States.

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Beginning proceedings in US R'n'B royalty Ne Yo. The formerly named Shaffer Chimere Smith (yes really) opens with Miss Independent. He's dressed in his trademark trilby (it's black) and a gent-like grey suit. What a dandy!"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Jingle Bell Ball!" he says before busting some robo moves. WOO!

His band is amazing and include two trumpeters and a saxophonist.  While his stage show is brill with the background is of the NYC skyline at night.  Loving his dancing too! Pretty slick!

What a corking opener!  "Make some noise! Did we come here tonight to have a good time?," he asks. We all scream. Obvs. Next up is So Sick.
He's taken some lucky lady's hand in the crown. "I'm so sick of love songs," Yup so are we but not this one, Ne Yo! Ooh, his band have gone a bit reggae. He's touching the hands of the crowd- they're lucky to get sweated on by this gent!

Everyone's camera phones are up in the air! Loving the Slash-like guitar solo. Also did you know that the remix of this track features Jay-Z?

"Who here truly know their Ne Yo songs? I'm going to play some songs I've written for people..."

It's Irreplaceable! You'll know Beyonce's version!

Take A Bow! Rihanna! We didn't know he'd written this one!

What's next? We can't wait! What's this one? I Don't Wanna Know by Mario! (We just had to google it...). And now Knock You Down by Keri Hilson and Kanye! Amazing. Gosh, this dapper dude's pretty talented isn't he?

And now one of his own- Mad. In the video for this tune, he flips things 'Sixth Sense' style...The twist is...HE'S DEAD!! Eek!

We LOVE how he's kicking it, old skool 80s soul style. He just did a 360 twirl! We tried to do the same thing just now and fell on our backsides :(

It's our personal favourite now - Closer. Did you know that this track is Cheryl Cole's song of last year? We can totally see why.The dancers are back!

Wow great dance routine. Will we look silly in our bedrooms when we try to re-create this tomorrow? Hang on...don't answer that!

Doesn't he get sweaty under that trilby?

What an amazing opener! We're feeling big Ne Yo love right now!

On-Stage Video

Watch the video of Ne-Yo performing his mega-smash Closer.

Backstage Interview

Before he kicked off the Jingle Bell Ball, Ne-Yo spoke to Kevin Hughes about how excited he was to be playing to a full O2 Arena.

On-Air Interview

The US superstar spoke to Rich and Kat after thrilling the O2 Arena.

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