One Direction's New Album: Has Naughty Boy Revealed The First Song?

The 'La La La' producer says his Zayn Malik team-up could well be the record's first track to be released.

One Direction VMA's 2014

Not only have One Direction written almost ALL of their new album… but now it sounds like they may have picked out their first single as well!

Naughty Boy has been quietly working with Zayn Malik and Emeli Sande on a track for the new 1D record, and revealed over the weekend it may well be the album's first release… because Simon Cowell loves it!

"Simon Cowell loves it," Naughty Boy revealed to The Mirror over the weekend. "There's a real possibility it'll be the first single.

"Look at the smile on my face, Simon loves it, he even texted me about it," the UK producer explained. "I couldn't believe the way he sung on this song ,and I think that's going to surprise most people."

The track, rumoured to be called 'One Chance To Dance', is now being mixed and finished… so watch this space for if it drops as the new One Direction single later this year!

On Friday (15th August), One Direction opened up about their fourth studio album during an appearance on the Today Show, promising a "more edgy" sound and revealing they have written almost every son on the record.

The next album has a lot to live up to – 2013’s ‘Midnight Memories’ album went straight to number one in the UK and America at the end of last year.

In fact, despite only going on sale five weeks before the end of the year, ‘Midnight Memories’ became the biggest selling album of 2013, selling over a HUGE 4 million copies.

What do you reckon, Directioners? Think they can get the title of biggest selling album of 2014 as well?

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