People Are Only Just Realising That *Actual* Drake Was In Justin Bieber's Music Video For 'Baby'

14 April 2016, 16:28

Bieber Drake Asset

Over six years old, Justin Bieber's Baby is still such a guilty pleasure for a lot of us. We've sung/screamed along to it thousands of times and it's the ninth most watched video on YouTube, ever.


But after over a billion views how have so many of us missed a certain Canadian rapper's cameo?


Just incase you missed that, yes, it's *actual* Drake:

Drake Justin Bieber Baby Music Video


If you're sat there thinking, WTF?! DW, you're not the only one:  


Nor are you the only one wondering why you've only JUST realised this:


You're not the only person who can't quite believe it:


People literally just didn't know:


Same mate, same:


Now after you've had your moment of, 'OMG IS THAT BLOODY DRAKE?!' Next comes a very important question:


Could this be a possible explanation?


It's also worth mentioning that Tinashe and Lil Twist also popped up at the bowling alley too. 

Justin Bieber Baby Music Video 

So there we have it, the most disliked video on YouTube not only features Justin Bieber but Drake as well. 


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