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Justin Bieber Fans Radio Disney 2016

WATCH: This Is What Happens When You Put Justin Bieber Alone In A Room With His Actual Fans

2 days ago

Justin Bieber Buzzcut

Justin Bieber's Shaved His Dreadlocks Off And People Are Freaking Out Over His Buzz Cut.

5 days ago

Bieber Girl Asset

Justin Bieber Pulling This Young Girl On To Stage & Singing To Her Like A Big Bro Will Make You Weak

8 days ago

Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake

WATCH: Justin Bieber Performs An Acoustic Version Of JT's 'Cry Me A River'

13 days ago

Justin Bieber Fan

Girl Drives Hours To Bieber's Tour With No Ticket But Ended Up In The Pit With Him Stroking Her

14 days ago

Justin Bieber Activity Book

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING... 'Cos There's Now A Justin Bieber Activity Book!

15 days ago

Tickets viral

WATCH: This Girl Thinks She’s Been Pulled Over By Police… & Gets Justin Bieber Tickets!

17 days ago

Justin Bieber And Usher Purpose Tour

WATCH: Justin Bieber Singing ‘U Got It Bad’ On Tour With Usher Just Hit Us RIGHT In The #Feels!

20 days ago

Bieber Drake Asset

People Are Only Just Realising That *Actual* Drake Was In Justin Bieber's Music Video For 'Baby'

21 days ago

Justin Bieber and Post Malone

“He’s My Big Brother!” Post Malone Talks About That Pic Of Him Strangling Justin Bieber

21 days ago