Justin Bieber Says Christmas Album Is 'Genius'

Justin Bieber has called his forthcoming Christmas album, which features a host of guest stars including Busta Rhymes, "genius".

The covers album, entitled 'Under the Mistletoe', is due to be released on 31st October.

In an interview with MTV News, Justin praised the album and said he was a particular fan of his Busta collaboration, 'Little Drummer Boy', which sees him rap.

"If you really think about it, it's genius, because it's rapping on a Christmas album ... and, like, I'm rapping on it. And then it's singing," he said.

"It's cool. [Busta's] got, like, a percussive voice to him [and] the beat was so crazy. I'm actually playing drums on that song, playing the snare."

'Under The Mistletoe' also features vocals from Mariah Carey and Usher.

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