Cheryl Cole's Fans: 12 Ways To Know You're One Of The #Soldiers

Are you Cheryl's biggest fan? Do you think the Soldiers should win #BestFans2014? See if you tick all the boxes and get voting!

Cheryl Cole

You'd be hard pressed to find a fan group as dedicated to their favourite star as Cheryl's army of Soldiers.

The Girls Aloud star's loyal followers have been their through break-ups (both musical and personal), career highs and of course some high-profile falling outs.

Here's ten reasons you know you're one of her biggest fans and why the Soldiers should win Capital's #BestFans2014 poll!


1. First and foremost, you're a soldier - so you are tough and not afraid of the fight.


2. You love yo mama!


3. Animals just make your heart melt.


4. You absolutely LOVE your hometown.


5. Rumours don't get you down, you just brush them to one side and carry on baby!


6. You sure ain't afraid to speak the truth...


7. You find novel ways of hitting the dance floor...



8. You replace every calendar in the house, your grandma's and basically wherever you can with this:


9. This is how you look when you've just won an argument about Cheryl facts:


10. And this was your reaction when you heard she was heading back into the studio:


11. Regardless of what happened, you know you'll always have the memories.


12. Finally, of course....your room looks a little bit like this!


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