i locked

Live escape games are a rapidly growing form of entertainment, and you can play right in the heart of Nottingham with iLocked. The idea behind them is that a team of two to five players are locked in a special room, from which they are given one hour to escape.

To do so, they have to solve a number of puzzles using their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Some require teamwork; some require them to find special keys and hidden passages, open locks and doors, and so on. No special knowledge or physical skills are necessary; players simply need to be observant and to be able to think logically.

Each iLocked room has its own theme and scenario – a submarine, Egyptian pyramids or outer space. Players get a unique opportunity to feel as if they are part of computer game in real life.

So if you're looking for something to do in Nottingham, iLocked has the answer! Their live escape games are some of the city's most offbeat attractions, and are great for playing with friends and family, holding team building events, hen parties and stag nights, and celebrating birthdays.

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Find them:
Marco Island, Huntingdon Street,
Nottingham, NG1 1AT

Tel: 07710521100