The LIVE Blog: Dave Lilah and George's Antics From HONG KONG!

Dave Berry #KungFuFace

Find out more about what Dave Berry, George and Lilah have been getting up to and witness them face their tasks head on!

Po is back... And now he's got even more pandas with him. Quite frankly, we couldn't be even more excited about it, so you guys have they chance to go out to Hong Kong to discover everything it has to offer like the great Dragon Warrior, himself.

So, to celebrate the release of the HUGE 'Kung Fu Panda 3', Jack Black's sending the three guys to Hong Kong, so be sure to keep checking back here for ALL of their antics!

And they weren't the only ones - these five showed us their most powerful #KungFuFace and bagged themselves two tickets to Hong Kong!

#KungFuFace Winners

Friday, 11 March

And WHAT a Friday this has been for Claire. She's bagged another pair of tickets to Hong Kong. She must have ALL of the #FridayFeeling right now.

Who thought we'd bump into these guys?! Pandas AND 5SOS? You've all heard THAT sneezing panda video, but have you heard 5SOS doing THAT sneezing panda? You have now.

And what else would you do with your newly found Chi skills? Get all of the free drinks you can, obviously.

Dave Berry Uses His Newly Found Chi To Get Himself... FREE DRINKS!

What else are you going to do in Hong Kong rather than don a panda onesie and use your Kung Fu ways to get yourself free drinks?


What else are you going to do when in Hong Kong than practise the martial arts... And get a punch to the face?!

Don't Mess With Dave - He's Now (Sort Of) Trained In The Way Of The Dragon Warrior...

We saw Dave leave as the normal Dave we know and love; but when he returns, he'll be a full-on kung-fu fighting LEGEND after he learned the ways of the Dragon Warrior, for 'Kung Fu Panda 3'.


Jack Black set the trio one of the funnest tasks EVER... To find themselves a panda. Dave and Lilah couldn't believe their luck after George was still heaving from that egg!

Dave, Lilah and George Got To Spend A Day With... ACTUAL PANDAS!

WARNING: This video will cause extreme jealousy as the three of the guys visited Hong Kong and got to play with the fuzziest, most adorable things we've ever seen.


Thursday, 10 March

Suzanne was next to nab herself two tickets to Hong Kong with her #KungFuFace... And this threatening pose too. We can't help but feel scared for the person behind the camera!
Most importantly, you voted and THIS happened... George had to complete our 'Disgusting Delicacies' challenge, set by Greg and Kat. (Of course they're not bitter about being stuck in London. Of course.)

George Tackled Greg and Kat's HORRIFIC Food Challenge!

From tongue to a decade-old egg, one of trio had to chow down on some pretty gruesome delicacies... And thanks to your votes, George was that lucky so-and-so!


George Shelley's Food Challenge
King of Snapchat, George Shelley, has recorded every. single. second. of the gang's journey to Hong Kong, and you need to see it. It's like we're there with them!

George Shelley's Snapchat Diary: The Road To Hong Kong

King of Snapchat, George, has recorded every single second of the team's journey to Hong Kong... And you need to see it!


George Shelley and Lilah Parsons Hong Kong Snapchat

Wednesday, 9 March

At least we EVENTUALLY managed to find Dave... Well, we didn't. This fan did, but we'll happily take all the credit.
Roman was SO excited for us to get out to Hong Kong, he had to do something to keep him occupied, right? Like... Running the entire Great Wall of China. Obviously. What else would you do?

Roman Kemp Attempts To Run The Great Wall Of China... And Gives Himself Pandasthma!

Just like the lead from 'Kung Fu Panda 3', Roman must get in the mind of the Dragon Warrior, and run the entire Great Wall of China. To be fair, we're not sure who would be slower - Roman Kemp or Po!


Chloe didn't want to let Dave, Lilah and George to get lonely out in Hong Kong, so she sent us this AMAZING #KungFuFace and won herself a pair of tickets!
Nobody panic, but... We may or may not have lost Mr Berry. But that doesn't matter when we got to chat to a onesie-wearing George and Lilah! (Even if they did use up pretty much all of their data.)

Tuesday, 8 March 

The guys actually attempted to make it on board with THOSE huge boarding passes. And to think, we can't even board the blame with a bottle of water!

In true training-mode, Roman attempted to make dumplings. And we stress the phrase attempted! He then tries to top Po's attempt at shoving all of those dumplings in his gob. You have to see it to believe it.

Roman Kemp Kicks Of His Dragon Warrior Training With The Dreaded 'Dumpling Challenge'!

Just like Po in 'Kung Fu Panda 3', Roman Kemp attempts to master the way of the dumpling by creating his own, and then seeing if he can top Jack Black's panda by stuffing them all in his mouth!


Roman Kemp started off the tour by rubbing it in the guys faces by chilling with ACTUAL. PANDAS. (And we kinda have to agree - that one stuck in the tree does kinda resemble Dave. Sorry, not sorry.)

Roman Kemp Pops By To Visit Some Pandas To Celebrate 'Kung Fu Panda 3'!

Capital's Roman has flown out to Hong Kong... And can you blame him when he gets to chill with the (sort of) cast of 'Kung Fu Panda 3'?


Our SECOND Hong Kong winner, Helena, impressed us with not one, but THREE kick-ass Kung Fu Faces. We wouldn't mess with her!

THE ACTUAL VAMPS HAVE JUST DROPPED BY THE STUDIO WITH ACTUAL BOARDING PASSES FOR DAVE, LILAH AND GEORGE! The three of them are off to Hong Kong... Although, we're not sure those passes will be that easy to scan. Hm...

People were pretty jealous that Tristan, Bradley and James just rocked up to the studio with spare tickets... Naturally!

Of course the three lads just had to flash their #KungFuFaces for us. YOU'RE ALREADY IN THE MOVIE, LADS! You can't win tickets to Hong Kong too... Although, these shots would definitely win, wouldn't they?

And not to be outdone, Jack Black - the Dragon Warrior himself - just had to get in on the action to with an impeccable #KungFuFace. Well done, sir.

We can all take a little inspiration from Roman Kemp's dangerous looking face. Keep yours coming in... (Don't worry. The dramatic sunlight in the background is optional!)

Roman Kemp Kung Fu Panda 3

Monday, 7 March

Our first winner, Shereen, amazed us with a quite terrifying/very awesome #KungFuFace and she bagged herself the FIRST pair of tickets to Hong Kong!

George couldn't meet the one-and-only Jack Black and not walk away with a (panda) bear hug, could he?

Kung Fu Panda 3's Jack Black Gives George Shelley A HUGE Panda-Hug!

To celebrate the release of 'Kung Fu Panda 3', Dave, Lilah and George caught up with the movie's main man, Jack Black, to have a chat, a laugh and - most importantly - a MASSIVE cuddle!


We may or may not have bamboo-zled the star of 'Kung Fu Panda 3' with a bit of furry-related mathematics. We regret nothing.

We Bamboo-zled Jack Black And Quizzed Him On How Many Pandas Were In The Film!

Can someone give this man an award? He managed to work out how many pandas were in the entire film 'Kung Fu Panda 3'. We're actually concerned with how long this would've taken him to count.


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