Sam Smith Reacts! See What He Thought Of Vin Diesel's Exclusive 'Stay With Me' Cover


Vin Diesel Sings Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'

The Hollywood superstar gives us his best soulful singing voice!


Bet you never thought you'd see Vin Diesel singing Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'? Neither did Sam!

We weren't sure what to expect from Vin Diesel covering 'Stay With Me', but it turns out he's got a LOVELY tone… and Sam Smith HIMSELF agrees!

The 'Money On My Mind' star has given HIS verdict on the Guardians OF The Galaxy star's cover of his recent Vodafone Big Top 40 number one, as Vin showcases his vocal stylings for us and you Capital listeners.

Sam Smith Reacts To Vin Diesel

We gave Vin the lyrics and a backing track and he SERIOUSLY impressed, and after chatting with Sam Smith it looks like the song's originator is also in awe of Mr. Diesel's talents!


"First of all I thought it was going to be good, but when I heard it it's the most hilarious thing I've heard in my life," Sam told Capital Breakfast. "It's amazing. Brilliant. The falsetto!

"It's so weird for me because i remember watching 'xXx' when I was like eleven years old! I definitely think we should do a duet one day, it would be amazing," the UK star added.

As well as being hot property as an actor, we reckon Vin could probably do quite well as a singer if he ever fancied a change of career! Let us know your thoughts below! 

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