Nathan Sykes Absolutely NAILED Our 'Famous:Can You Name Us' Game On Make Some Noise Day

Nathan Sykes In The Studio With Will Manning

How would YOU describe Justin Bieber? Will Manning did his very best and it worked a treat.

It is FINALLY Global's Make Some Noise Day and the one...the only...Nathan Sykes paid us a visit! Now, when you get the 'Famous' man in the studio you can't help but play a game or two with him.

Global's Make Some Noise Day 2016 - ALL The Action That's Taking Place This Year

The always lovely Will Manning had the task of describing the likes of Justin Bieber and Zara Larsson to Mr.Sykes and he had to guess who he was talking about! Let's just say, Nath's pretty good!

 Check out the video below...

We've just got to say something here...if you're trying to describe Justin Bieber to someone, you DON'T go on about his hair?! How about the checked shirt, the abs...sheesh!

nathan sykes famous

PIC: Nathan Sykes/Press

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