Stefflon Don ‘Nearly Died’ Watching Marvel’s Avengers In 4DX

9 May 2018, 11:52

Stefflon Don Avengers Asset

Stefflon Don took to Instagram to tell people about her traumatising 4DX cinema experience and it's so funny we can't cope...

It's probably safe to say Stefflon Don will not be returning to the cinema any time soon after her harrowing yet hilarious interactive experience she described as 'flinging you everywhere' and 'torture' on Instagram.

Where's Stefflon Don Gone? Good Luck Trying To Find Her In This Impossible Quiz...

Picture: Instagram

We're absolutely howling at her spelling of 'Advendures' (that's 'Avengers' to you and I), it seems like she was confused from beginning to end of the whole experience and we love her even more for it.

4DX is the latest immersive cinema experience which 'stimulates all five senses' with special effects like wind, fog, different scents - and clearly as Steff has described, a chair that moves around, a lot. The image of the 'Hurtin' Me' singer getting flung around the cinema and bailing about twenty minutes in is the funniest image we have had in a while.

Love ya, Steff.

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