Drake And Stefflon Don Spotted On A Date After Shooting His Shot On Instagram Live

27 November 2018, 15:37 | Updated: 27 November 2018, 15:54

After ringing up Stefflon Don during an Instagram live and proposing they go on a date, it seems he kept true to his word as the pair were spotted sipping on champagne in Miami

In some seriously star-studded 'shooting your shot' news, Stefflon Don has been spotted drinking champagne on a date with Drake in Miami after the 'In My Feelings' star rang her up during an Instagram live and proposed the two go out together.

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It all started when Steff did an Instagram live, letting everyone know she's looking for love, when the champagne papi himself rang into the chat and wooed the 'Hurtin' Me' singer, convincing her of all the reasons she should let him take her out.

During the chat, Drake tells the Hackney born rapper: "I’ve known you for a while, we busting out jokes together. What else? What else? We could cook up chunes together in the stu".

He even promised he'd colour code all of her wigs and organise all of her heels, which pretty much won her over.

The two aren't total strangers, with Steff making an appearance on interlude 'Peak' from Drake's most recent album, 'Scorpion' which she was excited to announce to her million followers back in June.

We also absolutely love the fact they're actually drinking champagne, it would only be right.

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