WATCH: Katy Perry Admitted She'd Be Open To Collaborating With Taylor Swift Soon

9 August 2019, 08:23

The 'Roar' singer announced that - after they became friends, once more - she would be open to a collaboration with Taylor Swift, before praising her new music.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift shockingly announced that the pair made-up as friends in the 'You Need to Calm Down' video, after the pair, dressed as a burger and fries, embraced.

On the release day of her latest song, 'Small Talk', Katy Perry admitted to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp that she'd be open to collaborating with Taylor Swift.

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Katy laughed off the question, before saying "I'm open.

"One of my favourite songs of hers is 'Begin Again'. I really like what she's saying in 'The Archer'. I think she's really intelligent and there's lots of layers to her," continued Katy, praising the 'Shake It Off' pop star.

The 34-year-old singer continued to say "I get the singles; a lot of people know us from the singles, but when you dig deep, there's depth."

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Her feud with Taylor Swift reportedly began in 2014 following beef over dancers, after Taylor hired several dancers for her 'Red Tour', who all had danced for Katy Perry. A few months later, it was said that those dancers then returned to Katy to join her on her 'Prism Tour', thus leaving Taylor's tour.

Last year, Katy Perry made amends and sent an actual olive branch to the Cats star, seemingly ending the feud.